Aug. 5, 2022

039: Step 4: Reload: How to Bounce Back From a Setback

039: Step 4: Reload: How to Bounce Back From a Setback
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Have you been experiencing a season of setbacks these last 6 months?

Are you ready to bounce back from said setbacks?

I know I am! I’m taking you all on a journey through how I’m navigating this season of setbacks. I’m sharing all the tea 🍵 in this episode so if you’re ready to dive a little deeper than usual this is the episode for you.

In this episode, I talk about:

  1. The last step in the 4R’s to Bouncing Back From a Setback
  2. The 3 ways I rested, reset, and reloaded
  3. 7 journal prompts you can write about for the next week to jumpstart your rest, reset, reload process

This episode is the last step in reloading your 2022 and stepping into the full potential of what this year can mean for you. If the content resonates with you click here to get your FREE “Reload Cheat Sheet”!


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