May 9, 2022

034: Master Your Months Checklist by Miss Unconventional

034: Master Your Months Checklist by Miss Unconventional

Do you have a process for mastering your months?

Have you ever tried monthly goal-setting intensives?

If you answered no to the questions above, then this is the episode for you. I'm sharing my “Master Your Month Checklist”. Each month I ask myself a series of questions to ensure that I’ve adequately prepared for the month ahead.

In this episode, I talk about:

  1. Having monthly 90-minute strategy sessions with yourself
  2. The 10-step Goal Alchemy Formula
  3. Re-evaluating routines and systems

Consider this episode a guide on how to master each month and guarantee your goals. If the content resonates with you click here to get your FREE “30 Resources Every Productive Boss Needs.

It’s a game changer.


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