Jan. 5, 2022

022: Meet The 5 Productivity Personas AKA My Homegirls

022: Meet The 5 Productivity Personas AKA My Homegirls

The 5 Productivity Personas

1. No BOUNDARIES Barbara
2. No CLARITY Cara
3. No FOCUS Fiona
4. No HELP Halle
5. No SYSTEMS Sandra

If you've been struggling to articulate your productivity struggles, the description of these 5 personas will definitely help you put a name to what you've been feeling.

I created them because I used to identify with every last one of them at one point and I find that everyone I've worked with up to this point has identified with one or more of these personas as well.

These are the personas that inspired my CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course AND The Productivity Quiz.

The CONQUER Method was designed to address the issues these personas face:

C- Customize Your Rebel Routines
O-Overcome Your Overwhelm
N-Narrow Your Focus
Q-Quit Prioritizing Shallow Tasks
U-Uplevel Your Systems
E-Evaluate & Elevate Your Environment
R-Record Your Efforts Daily

This is NOT just another cookie -cutter productivity framework!
Every client who has completed the CONQUER method has transformed their life and career.  I want you to be next. 
Go to https://missunconventional.com/course to learn more!